Personally-Owned Vehicle; used by some Law Enforcement Officers with limited intelligence, major insecurities and no personality to refer to their personal cars who think they sound cool and very "official" when they use lame-ass "police jargon" acronyms and Code numbers in normal conversations. Used to presume a false superiority over "civilians" who they think are impressed by this.
TIP FOR THE LADIES: the smaller the officer, the bigger his truck. (it's like the Western Belt Buckle thing...)
"Dude, I wish I'd been in my POV when I stopped this Major Babe for blowing a red light today; she'd a been sooooo blown away by my Monster Truck, she'd give it up in a second!
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006
pass out victome the first person to pass out when smoking madd reefer
look at johnny he is a pov lets poot makeup on his face
by stonyMcBeth April 24, 2004
Someone/something poverty stricken, poor in appearance.
"Dude, that jacket is so pov."
by d3rt May 01, 2003
Pov means Porn On Video.
Check this POV on booble...awesome :P
by DJ JAYZ-S January 14, 2008

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