a type of unusual person; usually named Peter.

very at ease with life.

frequently shouts "Gucci!" and various other phrases.

a sharpie tattoo, perfect for the wrist.


"Hi I'm Peter, but call me Potos"

or more commonly POE-TOES.
by Naomi Ericka Jessica January 04, 2009
Top Definition
Phantom of the Opera

Many Phans of the various versions of The Phantom of the Opera get sick of typing the whole thing out all the time.
*Chandelier Falls*

Everyone: It's the poto!
by Myth_ October 25, 2005
trasero, culo .. word in spanish popular in south america,(non-ofensive).

"ass" in english
that girl has a great poto!!!
by Zool June 22, 2005
noun. Acronym for Pointing Out The Obvious. Used when referring to someone who likes to point out the obvious.
Wow it's raining outside you might get wet.

Thanks for the forecast, POTO.
by kriken June 05, 2009
French slang for crew or possy.
Avec mes potos, moi je crane dans la rue.
by jadoradexplora March 03, 2009
A potential lover or compatible friend. Not to be confused with a crush. A POTO is someone you could see yourself with but don't have immediate feelings for
well she/he is a poto, we will see where it goes
by BABINGALING October 07, 2010
Noun: Philosopher of the Obvious. Someone who wants to discuss at length the obvious as if something new or interesting. See Blowhard.
Went on a date with a POTO. He talked all night about shit everyone already knows.
by Martina5 August 07, 2010
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