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A boyfriend who smokes despite his girlfriends request for him to stop. Will usually choose weed over the girl any day. Most pothead boyfriends don't actually care about girlfriend and will most likely lie to her about amount of pot smoked.
nah, he's just a pothead boyfriend
by sandy61 July 30, 2011
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A cool guy who like's to have fun in a relaxed manner.

usually has a good sense of humor.

Often recieves static from non pot-head girlfriend, if Girlfriend enjoys pot too they usually get along just fine.

If Girlfriend is an addict of any other drug they usually dont get along and fight a lot.
"My Pot-head Boyfriend is so funny"
"I don't mind having a Pot-head Boyfriend"
"Tweeker Girlfriend and Pot-Head boyfriend do not mix"
by Laughs@Stupidity December 10, 2011
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