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occurs when you smoke weed intensely, forgetting shit, PHS
After I'd been smoking weed every day for a week, I became lazy even when I wasn't high. I came down with a bad case of pothead syndrome.
by February 11, 2004
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Someone who talks about everything the instant it comes into their heads.
Busy working...

8:49:54 PM CDT Jordan: there's a lot of strippers in this movie
8:50:08 PM CDT Micah Williamson: super!

6 minutes later. Busy working...

8:56:30 PM CDT Jordan: you know who jesse jane is?
8:56:38 PM CDT Micah Williamson: no
8:56:44 PM CDT Jordan: she's a pornstar
8:56:47 PM CDT Jordan: in the movie too
8:57:47 PM CDT Micah Williamson: has anyone ever told you that you have pothead syndrome?
by GroogFish April 08, 2011

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