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A boyfriend who smokes despite his girlfriends request for him to stop. Will usually choose weed over the girl any day. Most pothead boyfriends don't actually care about girlfriend and will most likely lie to her about amount of pot smoked.
nah, he's just a pothead boyfriend
by sandy61 July 30, 2011
A boyfriend who lies, is sneaky, hides things or just takes part in shady boyfriend things. ex- getting drunk or going out without your girlfriend
Ryan got drunk and hit on every girl there, but he's a shady boyfriend so he won't tell Kayla.
by sandy61 August 08, 2011
a man who receives a blowjob whilst drinking a beer and doing another activity such as playing a video game or watching television. a beer blowjob is very rare because most girls would get mad if you even suggested it, however if you are lucky enough to find someone willing it will be the best 30 minute tv program of your life.
he's so lucky, Ally gave him a beer blowjob last night
by sandy61 July 30, 2011

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