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i think theres a difference between someone who smokes pot and a full blown pothead. pothead is like the guys in dude wheres my car. irresponsible, forgetful, stupid humor, unreliable but fuckin hilarious people.
watch dude wheres my car, how high, cheech and chong or half baked
by deenie July 04, 2004
35 65
Often confused with the word stoner, a pothead is one who's become obsessed with weed and thrives off it.
Liz's a stoner, at least she smokes in moderation. Not like Billy, he's a fucking pothead.. Did you see how red his eyes were during 2nd period today ?
by TFS February 19, 2005
704 380
someone like me who take gravity bong hits before 6 am for work..lunch break...after work...before dinner...after dinner...for each tv show that comes on next...before i go out anywhere...and before bed.
That godfather blunt (9 grams) didnt even get me that blazed...lets go take a few bingers of that sick New York City Sour Diesel.
by maryjane420 July 17, 2005
532 267
(noun)a person who smokes weed more than the average weed smoker.
Potheads smoke alot of weed.
528 269
One who thoroughly enjoys the mary jane. Perhaps they have been accused of loving weed more than their significant other. They smoke when they wake up, before work, during work, if possible, and as soon as they get home. They never run out of weed because they are always planning ahead.

In short, a professional weed smoker.
If you just looked up stoner/pothead on while smoking, then you are a pothead.
by Queen Marijuana July 25, 2006
387 189
a person who smokes a lot of weed.
i am really stoned.
caleb:im hungry
me:lets order some chinse
caleb:order some chines to do what?
clint:caleb your a fuckin pothead
by smokslotaweed April 18, 2003
430 251
people who enjoy smoking pot.
damn my dads a bigger pothead than i am
by i want food August 29, 2003
345 177
Someone whos top priority is to smoke weed.
He's the bigest pot head I've ever seen! He's always smoking.
by XGoGoX March 04, 2006
334 168