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yiddish for spank.
Like when a small child takes crayons and draws on the dining room table and says that the person that lived there before did it, the mom would say: Im going to potch you in the tuchiss(butt)!
by codiakx March 02, 2009
To soflty tap the belly, or equally cuddly part of something that could be considered cute; most frequently animals such as a Walrus or Polar bear.
AWWWWW, that walrus is so big and cute, don't you just wanna Potch it? That emu over there is the definition of Potchable!
by knightroa6 July 07, 2009
to work or do something, but not whole heartedly. the result is the work is done terribly.
i was going to do some gardening, but i couldnt be bothered so i just potched. the gardens still fucking messy.
by Leeko22Arsenal August 14, 2007
The area between the base of the penis and the scrotum. Also the first area to sweat in the nether regions.
Man, I'm sweating potch out here!
by tjallday July 12, 2013
Hall's Slang for biznatchasquatchhotchpotch. Loosely translates to bitch.
oh, you're such a 'potch.
by Ash August 08, 2003
to ejaculate, without touching the target, into and on any orifice of another person,, including, but not limited to, a butthole, mouth, ear, nose, etc, and completely covering the orifice in semen.
"Is it gay to potch in another man's butthole?"
"No, man, because there is no touching involved. It's just target practice."
by st. coffin February 02, 2009
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