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Someone with an abnormally large forehead, similar to having a potato on it
Wow, shes such a potato face!
by Forshizzles March 22, 2007
When your forehead and/or chin are roundish are longer than your nose. Making the person's face look like it has been mashed in the middle like a potato.
"Damn she has a Potato Face!"
by Flaco August 04, 2015
Potato face is when you take a photo and you have multiple chins or fatrolls that could be avoided by finding a flattering angle. They may not be there all the time but in pictures its hard to ignore.
That girl is so pretty but she has potato face in all her photos. Youd think shes fat.
by PrincessEmily November 03, 2014
No words to explain, too beautiful; but we will try our best: The process of lifting your chin up and sinking it back into your neck causing a chinless appearance. Potatoing is the verb form of potato face.
"It looks like Rory has a potato face on."
"No, he's just fat"
by Soft Serve Squad July 22, 2006
1. noun - a POTATO FACE; one who is in the military and gay. Usually completely inept yet believes he/she knows everything. a POTATO FACE will get you killed in combat, but not before trying to check out your junk in the shower.

2. verb - to POTATO FACE is to ask a stupid question or to engage in an activity that is considered both gay and stupid, particularly in the USAF Security Forces career field.
"PF" could be used for short. Another acceptable term is "PAPA FOXTROT."


POTATO FACE was a nickname given to an actual service member during a deployment. Although he was NOT disliked because of his sexual preference (gay), he was, however, a social misfit who was living proof that a fetus can dodge a coat hangar for 9 months. Due to his ability to screw up 90% of all tasks he was assigned to perform, the South Carolina Air National Guard decided it best to promote him. (Yes. I said PROMOTE him. When I figure it out, I'll let you know) Make no mistake. A Potato Face is NOT to be confused with a SILVERBACK or a BLUE FALCON.
Airman - 1 : "That dude is a total tool!

Airman - 2 : "Yeah, and he LOVES the cock!"

Airman - 3 : "Ewww. So he's a Potato Face!"
by AirborneSurferLiberando February 03, 2010
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