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chillin, hangin out.
we's posted up at the club like some mailboxes
by r-dub March 24, 2005
Hanging out. Staying put.
"Posted up like paint on walls." - Killah Priest
by hollablack January 28, 2004
Chillin, relaxing, hanging out...
Tom & Blake were posted up behind the supermarket when the robbery occured.
by Steve Franchise October 17, 2007
To be prepared or in the postion to sell drugs.
My brother Rell is posted up down the street
by gk339 June 14, 2009
Usually used to describe a group of people or just one person who is always at a certain place, just standing around looking for something to do.
"Mad kids are always posted up at this Wawa."
by leeski July 10, 2008
1.Someone or something that is too prevalent.

2.Being stoked on an enviroment, and willing to stay there for an extended period of time.
1.Kristen is posted-up in the living room.
by Stewart J. Ferguson March 15, 2011
To get really excited or thrilled.
I'm so posted up for shark week.

Oh my God, this song gets me so posted up!

I love this place. I'm so posted up right now.
by postedupforhiphop August 10, 2009
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