A house in, usually in a town, where you can deliver small papers with other peoples names written down on them. These papers are called letters. Some weeks later may get a leter in your mailbox. The mailsystem is more an more taken over by email.
I broke man. I am totally broke. I think I have to write a little sweet letter for my mom and dad, begging them to send me some.
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Term describing a room, bar, club etc:, that has all men in it.

A room full of men.
1. I went to the bar down the street to try to hook up, but it was a post office so I left.
2. This club is a post office, lets split.
by randy December 14, 2004
n. A public building that deals with a community's mail. Oh wow, go figure.
I went to my P.O. Box in the post office.
And oh, I didn't recieve any little men in the mail today!
by cranrad August 30, 2005
a room filled with all men, (all male).

also see sausage factory.
This bar is a post office, lets split.
by randy December 14, 2004
The act of putting a package with a box (i.e. sex)
You can't post office inside of a post office. That's just nasty.
by *subject name here* January 29, 2008

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