1. Anyone who uses the word poser(spelled incorrectly) to insult someone...at least fucking spell it right

2. Anyone who uses the term poseur or poser, because its just gay
1. im soooo emo your such a poser you don't like them fuck off everyone i hate you posers (yea h-core b/c i so didnt spell it right

2.oh my god they are so not yellowcard fans like me they are such poseurs
by Janoalp March 06, 2005
a meaningless insult, used by individuals who exhibit the very qualities they condemn in others, the mark of pretension
Kid 1: Like omg you poseur! I liked Good Charlotte before they went main stream. You only started liking them when they got popular!
Kid 2: (crying) I am not!
by ughhhhhhhhhh June 02, 2005
it's quite simple. anyone who listens to taking back sunday and considers them to be an emo band. or, anyone who considers senses fail to have talent.
95% of the faggots on myspace.
by justin February 01, 2005
only poseurs say psoeur and only newbs say noob
i dont need an example !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by xion May 09, 2005
1. Poseur = the old english version of poser.
-Poseur, is how the word would be spelled in canada, or europe.

2. The spelling of poser, that some people use to feel important/hardcore/punk.
Hey look! i'm anti-avril, shes a poseur!


Your such a poseur, you spelled poseur wrong!
by Eff Yu November 18, 2003
..One who calls people posers, or poseurs...
Hey tim, you sure looked like a jackass calling that kid a poser, and or poseur.
by Heywood Jablomy November 19, 2003
a stupid ass who trys to be somethin they arent
The preppy was a poseur becuase he dressed up like a punk when he listened to mozart like a lil pussy.
by mike August 11, 2003

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