A poser way to say the word poser.
It is NOT the correct word, unless you are French/speaking French.
If you ARE speaking in French, then you ARE using it correctly as the word for poser.
Poser Punk 12 Year Old: Like OMGZ that 8 yr old is like totally a poseur!!!!!11!1

French Punk: Hein, cette fille est une poseure, mon dieu! Et l'homme la est un poseur aussi. Mon dieu, les Américains sont très stupides!
by Sahara April 18, 2005
A term that is used by posers that r sick of being called posers and deicde to change the spelling in order to be even more gay then they are which i never thought possible.
All the posers listen to otep.....Deicde rules.
by Alan the Mavis hater February 10, 2004
The WRONG way to spell poser. In the REAL dictionary its spelled "poser" NOT "poseur".
someone who doesn't know how to spell: ur r a poseur!1!!!!!1!!!!!11!!!!!

someone who knows how to spell: no, you are the poser.
by IHatePosers March 19, 2005
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