A person who tries to act like something to be cool. One who says they are one thing, usually goth/emo/gangsta/Hardcore etc. when they obviously aren't.Poseurs don't realize that they are being poseur half the time, which makes it worse. Oh, and skaters. Skaters, Goths, and Gangsta seem to be the most prevelent groups to have poseurs.
Yes, it is Poseur. Read the top rated post, it's explains it all.
by Manwiththeplan August 24, 2006
Well, people say a poseur or a poser is someone who pretends to be something they arent. But when poseur is used on kids who like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, or even Avril, it is just a way for elitists to make themselves feel good. If you like poppunk, pop rock, plain old pop, GO FOR IT! Its all good. Only conformists listen to shit they dont like because they want ot be punk.
: Hey look at that poseur wiht the green day shirt
: shut up man, punk is thinking for yourself, let him listen to whatever he wants. Conformist bitch.
: chill out man.
: okay.
: so...
by Mike Rotch April 16, 2005
Someone who tries to fit in by pretending to like things they know nothing about. People who rely on the talent of great artists to make them look cool because they claim to like it. Most rappers who can't actually write their own music and have to scratch some classic rock song could be considered poseurs. Anyone who owns a guitar with no intention of ever really learning to play it. Anyone who has a picture of themselves playing guitar that doesnt really know how to play.
Stairway to Heaven comes on the radio...
poseur: I love Led Zeppelin!
non-poseur: *puts on Cashmir*
poseur: I love Puff Daddy!
(hint: if you don't get it you are probably a poseur)
by sanpaco January 21, 2006
someone who tries to be something their not. Commonly used as the word "poser". A person who follows along w/ the crowd, not knowing shit about it.Also used by insecure 12 year-olds to boost their

my advice 2 ppl who read this: just be yourself

whoever calls you a poseur is this word:see asshole
I changed how I looked in the middle of the year because my views of life changed and people called me a poseur.
by Aimee December 21, 2004
A person who pretends to be someone he/she is not. Can be used in both the English and French languages. Means the same thing as poser.
Stop being a poseur and stay true to yourself.
by I.P. Greenish October 23, 2005
Poseur is a truly moronic term used primarily by those who also meet the traditional definition of poseur (i.e. "trying to be something they're not". The reality is, though, poseurdom is a stage of adolescence. "Poseurs" are simply trying to find themselves, and, as a result, may go through nearly every phase there is. Just like you, the prep turned gangster turned goth turned emo turned skater is trying to establish who they really are.
The only reason one person refers to another as a poseur is because they wish to be seen as "hardcore" by insulting others.
by lacoste_lover January 22, 2006
1.someone who calls other people poseurs
2. someone who changes who they are to impress others
3. someone who changes who they are just because everyone else did
1. omg you're such a poseur!
2. omg like a bought that new studded belt yeah I mean it's all right but I know that Jimmy will love me now that I have it
3. omg Amy got those pants with chains I think I'll get ones like them I mean everyones wearing them now!
by Devin January 15, 2004

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