1) N. One who attempts to acheive a status, look or appeal which they do not have the traits to posess. Also could be someone posing as something that they are not, for reasons known or unknown.

2)High-school label. Used as a degrading term toward the sort of people who wear pyramid belts etc. but giggle a lot. However, the label is equally immature.

3)The word that the misspelling "poser" came from, the reason for which being undecided but either
a) George Bush didn't like the fact that "poseur" sounded French, or
b) some moron couldn't spell and it spread.
Sorry, I can't think of an example but you all know what I mean. If you don't, please just look at other examples.
by Fugerko.? December 23, 2003
The correct spelling of the word poser.
A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not syn: poser
Man, those white kids are such poseurs
by Ben Hickey June 25, 2005
1. A poser is most commonly defined as someone who acts in a manner inconsistent with their personality. One who tries to be something they are not.
2. One who accuses others of being poseurs, or more commonly "posers," in order to up their own social status, so that they themsleves will not be labeled as a poseur.
I was walking through Borders the other day and I heard this Poseur talking about how he/she loves emo and listens to Miss. A. Lavigne all the time.
by three short dots May 12, 2003
A poseur is someone who dresses untrendy, because they think it's the lastest trend. Poseurs don't really like they style they imitate; they just dress that way to be cool, popular, or just so people will like them. They are fake, pathetic people.
me: I was uncool before uncool was cool.
poseur: I'm uncool because uncool is cool.
by wateva August 01, 2005
anybody who 'likes'/does/wears/listens to/supports something to either fit in or to stand out.
these people have no self respect and often no self confidence which leads to them constantly working their image and not being themselves.
anybody who labels themselves as part of a social sub-culture (eg. punk, goth, hippy etc) could be seen as being a poseur.
most people are, in fact, poseurs. especially those who spend their entire lives trying to be 'crazy' 'unique' or 'random'
their insecure natures often lead to frequent style changes.
poseur 1: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! Let's buy a shirt and be cool!!!

poseur 2: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! That's not fair! i love Emily the Strange, but I can never wear my Emily the Strange shirt again because people will think i'm a poseur!

Genuine Person 1: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. I
really like Emily the Strange and i'm glad that there is yet another place i can buy Emily the Strange products now.

Genuine Person 2: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. That's cool, but i still don't like Emily the Strange.
by wild_stylee May 31, 2005
Someone who pretends to be something they're not and like things that they don't. Also anyone calling someone else a poseur, while being one.

Also, poseurs tend to forget that you don't have to be identical to be friends.
That Spanish kid from class pretends to watch Inuyasha and Witch Hunter Robin so he can fit in with MY friends.
by Joanne Hudson March 04, 2005
Well, people say a poseur or a poser is someone who pretends to be something they arent. But when poseur is used on kids who like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, or even Avril, it is just a way for elitists to make themselves feel good. If you like poppunk, pop rock, plain old pop, GO FOR IT! Its all good. Only conformists listen to shit they dont like because they want ot be punk.
: Hey look at that poseur wiht the green day shirt
: shut up man, punk is thinking for yourself, let him listen to whatever he wants. Conformist bitch.
: chill out man.
: okay.
: so...
by Mike Rotch April 16, 2005

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