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the person who everyone is friends with, but who has no specific group of friends. This person will flit from group to group of people at a gathering and act like great buddies with all of them. despite their popular appearance, social whores are often left 'out of the loop' for the simple reason that everbody thinks they belong to somebody else.
"where's jess?"
"oh, nobody invited her. she's such a social whore that we didn't know if she was part of our 'group'"
by wild_stylee April 08, 2005
anybody who 'likes'/does/wears/listens to/supports something to either fit in or to stand out.
these people have no self respect and often no self confidence which leads to them constantly working their image and not being themselves.
anybody who labels themselves as part of a social sub-culture (eg. punk, goth, hippy etc) could be seen as being a poseur.
most people are, in fact, poseurs. especially those who spend their entire lives trying to be 'crazy' 'unique' or 'random'
their insecure natures often lead to frequent style changes.
poseur 1: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! Let's buy a shirt and be cool!!!

poseur 2: omg! red herring is selling Emily the Strange! That's not fair! i love Emily the Strange, but I can never wear my Emily the Strange shirt again because people will think i'm a poseur!

Genuine Person 1: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. I
really like Emily the Strange and i'm glad that there is yet another place i can buy Emily the Strange products now.

Genuine Person 2: hey look, red herring is selling Emily the Strange. That's cool, but i still don't like Emily the Strange.
by wild_stylee May 31, 2005
defining overshare while acknowledging that this is a phrase made up of two seperate words.
An over share is when a person over informs you on the subject of conversation. this is usually in relation to personal or intimate topics. Used frequently when parents discuss sex in front of their offspring.

also see: too much information (TMI).
mother-creature (to father-creature): honey, last night when you were going down on me-
offspring (interupting): omg! ma-ummm!!!!! i'm in the room!
mother-creature: sex is a natural and important part of loving marriages. your father and i may be getting older, but we still frequently engage in sexual activities.
offspring: Yuck! total over-share!!!!!
by wild_stylee May 31, 2005
every now and then you come out with a spectacular laugh. spectacular meaning really loud and often snorty. this is the sort of laugh that other people should not be exposed to and so should only be done in the middle of a paddock.
*paddock laughter*

yeah, i'm crappy at examples....so what?
by wild_stylee May 18, 2005

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