verb. to pose.

the acting of standing someone up.
girl: sorry, i can't go anymore.
guy: what? now you're just gonna pose?
#stood up #dump #ditch #stand up #deny
by ermishny February 01, 2008
Top Definition
short for supposedly; not real, imaginary
"Yo, I got on dean's list yo."
"Pose you got on dean's list."
#supposedly #fake #poseland #quad #tongue #fatty #lie
by Quad Tongue April 21, 2008
adj., an object/person/thing that relies heavily upon others for influence and is not originally composed of one material and seeks more to mimic rather than to transpose the original object/person/thing's realm. While not saying the quality of the material is subject, the overall fibers of its being are called into question and the motives behind existence itself are brought to light.
Yeah this T. Swift song is nice but really pose.
#poser #original #elegant #doodyhole #posing
by Piggestbenis June 14, 2010
Abreviation for Suppose.
Im a Junior , but im pose to be a Senior!
by Josue Jerez November 21, 2003
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