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a Chicago- restaurant chain do you see Portillo's in another state? just wondering... that has amazing food and rocks!! my personal favorite: Barnelli's, where they serve real, fresh Chicken Caesar salads. best shit ever. oh, and their decor is major bad-ass: 1920s Chicago :)
Portillo's is where we ate for my brother's graduation :)
by scene_hippie June 12, 2008

meaning cute; handsome

Aww. Baby you look so portillo.
by LissyBitch November 10, 2006
Has the best fucking Chicago style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches.

If in Chicago here is address of best place.
100 W. Ontario
Chicago IL 60654
Man:" Have you been to Portillo's lately?"
Man 2:"Best Fuckin place ever"
by RaythatguyfromChicago February 11, 2012
Failure to accomplish a small feat needed to achieve a larger goal which you were expected to reach. Comes from former British Defense Secretary Michael Portillo's constituency loss to the Labour Party in 1997, Portillo had been expected to hold his seat and lead the Conservative Party in opposition, however his loss lead to an obscure career of making documentaries about trains.
A: Shit man, you see the election? He would've been Prime Minister if he hadn't lost his own seat.

B: Yeah, he really pulled a Portillo there.
by STwigg July 20, 2010
A portable tortilla. A flour or corn-based flat shell that can be stored and taken with you.
Don forget to teyk you hot salsa and you portillos to work today, chulo.
by sopenco March 26, 2010
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