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A rum most evil. consumption of port royal rum may burn your nose, eyes, and throat and if drunk correctly will lead to mass destruction.

pros: cheap as hell
Cons: you might wake up in the morning with a total stranger with numerous impending lawsuits over your head
Kid 1: yo lets split a handle of port royal

Kid 2: FUCK last time i drank port royal i was put on probation!
by Johnny Carcinogen March 28, 2008
Best Roll your own tobacco around. Cant get it in Uzbekistan thou (wot a cunt).
Fuck off they're my Port Royals there's no filters in these ones.
by Ballhead Smith December 17, 2003
poor man's captain morgan
I can't afford to get drunk on the good stuff, Port Royal anyone?
by Captain CumGuzzler November 15, 2013

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