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Slang term used by beaners to mean Porterville, California
aye vato theres some fine chicas up in poros
by quayjay May 01, 2008
A reindeer.

In Finnish slang, it's used to definy a person who is living in the Northern part of Finland, usually around the city of Oulu.
This is usually used by the people who live in the Helsinki area. For example: "Nanne on poro!"
by lolloloo July 06, 2005
Originally Finnish word for a reindeer.
In local slang, a definition for a person from Northern Finland, usually a Laplander.
In Estonian, a word for a stereotypical Finnish tourist, less commonly for any Finn. A person being with slow thinking, swearing, obesed and usually drunk .
Sometimes also called põder (moose), but this seems to be less offensive than poro.
Drunken tourists passing by, speaking loudly in Finnish
After a short pause, Finns walking away, one Estonian to another: "Porod" ("Poros")
by h2ppyme October 27, 2008
Someone who excels at a particular activity
"He's so good at tennis! His some kind of poro"
by Teh_Mega October 16, 2008
when someone is so rude or cant stop asking for more
kyle already had sex wit ashleys sister.
kyle: wana fuck
ashley: wooow u so poro
by nnnf December 08, 2008
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