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The personal state of obsession with one performer or pornographic subgenre.
"Bill is obsessed with collecting Seka fisting tapes, he's in a state of pornogamy."

"Do you have any discs with Kirsty Waay masturbating with sandpaper, it's the only thing that will satisfy my pornagamistic urges?"

"I only buy titles with Laurie Cameron performing in them, I'm a confirmed pornagomist"

"Donkeys are the only actors that get me hard now."
by El Sadado January 30, 2007
Being monogamously committed to one pornographic actor/actress.
Masturbating to only one pornstar.
Dale practices pornogamy with Gianna Micheals, and would never cheat on her with Jill Kelly.
Nicholas will only masturbate to one pornstar, and none other.
by the one they call the jew October 14, 2013
A genre of artwork that is studied extensively by guys while they're in the bathroom.
OMG!!!111 LETS GO DL SUM PORNOGAMY!!!111 H3llZ YA!!!111
by Premier Davidov September 29, 2004