Refers to male genitalia, but can be used as an uncomplimetary adjective. Has a similar meaning to 'wanker'.
'That swine cut me up on the motorway, what a porksword!'
'He thinks highlights look good in his mullet. Porksword!'
by Gump January 25, 2005
A penis
She nearly fainted when I introduced her to my porksword.

Oi, that's one hell of a porksword you've got there
by Keso October 20, 2003
When two men gain erections and battle it out until becomes flacid
Jonny: Should we pork sword?
Bryan: Fine. But looser has to give the winner a Rusty Trombone okay?
by BJN November 26, 2010
the spam javelin, cok,nob,penis
"when i was a lad i was a cavalier amonst pork swordsmen!"
by pax September 18, 2003
porkimons pride: a huge pork stump that is his ultimate super weapon. thats the form of a pink log. uses clumpy stumpy sauce to attack his foes (see porkimon)
the pork sword was unleash and was hammed against pokemons face
by slapapig September 24, 2003
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