Part of the male anatomy
Last night i was sharpening the pork sword
by Marcy R November 06, 2006
Male genetalia of a hanging nature!
Chad sharpened his pork sword!
by Porkie January 18, 2005
penis; boy parts; tube steak
Wow what a big PORK SWORD!!!!!!!

His Pork sword was speckled... I think he has been dipping into the cooter crickets!!!
by Katie and Nikki aka Cooter Brown February 03, 2008
It's that thing you wish was as big mine.
Sorry I'm late, I was with your girlfriend. I slayed her with my pork sword.
by Stoma Docking January 11, 2010
a penis, cock, dick, etc
friend 1: yo remember that girl bucko from school?

friend 2: yeah bro i remember her why?

friend 1: well she came over my house and sucked my pork sword saturday night

friend 2: you lucky bastard! figures you get your dick sucked b4 i do.
by MeEzY the mane January 17, 2009
the male penis when used in fighting.
damn his pork sword just shanked him hard!
by sambone! October 23, 2008
The common term for a fellas old chap.
I gonna give a peice of my pork sword!
by ave-it April 11, 2003

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