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a condition which occurs after eating large amounts of pork in which one sweats profusely while taking a dump.
Man I really have the pork sweats.
by hello123!@# December 27, 2009
Pork Sweat

The particularly odorous perspiration (sweat) that comes out of you when you've been eating way too much pork.
First guy: "Dude, what's that weird smell coming off you?"

Second guy: "I've been eating bags and bags of pork rinds and now I totally have pork sweat!"
by webgrunt298 June 17, 2010
the sweat you have after you eat a steaming pile of pork on a holiday, or just any day you're starved like heck.
Kids: Yay, Christmas Dinner!
Dad: damn, I got the pork sweats, I'm so damn fat I need to get my shit together
Kids: mommy, I got the porky sweaties.
Mom: damn kids need to lose some damn weight
by charles.v December 26, 2013

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