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An italian insult, calling God a pig
porco dio, che caldo!
by willgaspari September 15, 2005
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italian blasphemy means pork god
porcodio i have loosed all my money!
by aaa2 August 17, 2008
The most powerful italian imprecation, to call God as a Pig. It's an expression increasingly used in Italy.

Anyway it's the most used in Italy, and it's one of the main words that a foreigner learns when he comes in Italy, together with "ciao", "arrivederci", "caffè"...
There are many reasons to use it:
- a pain after an hurt ("porcoddio che male! - porco dio what a pain!");
- an exclamation of surprise ("porcoddio che spettacolo! - porco dio what a show!");
- an exclamation when you are doing a job that doesn't works ("eee porcoddio guarda se sto cazzo de chiodo entra ner muro! - eee porco dio look if this shit of nail goes in the wall!").
by erventresca August 31, 2012

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