one who is stupid.
and refuses to acknowlege that a poptart and a toaster strudel are the same thing
a black asian jewish gay is a poptard
by emii September 18, 2007
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A human pop-tart. Dull, tasteless and full of shit. Frequently used to describe twats like that cunt Darius from Fame Academy.
Shut it BGiE, ya poptard!
by jiro August 14, 2003
When a retarded virgin looses her cherry it is called a "pop-tard"
by f4 July 31, 2003
A fanatical lover of pop style music.
"Go listen to Britney Spears you poptard!"
by Codeh May 21, 2006
a kinder, gentlier name for retard
my group is full of poptards
by only one miguel July 19, 2006
Wildly influential pop celebrity with absolutely no intelligence. This is usually from the perspective of the parents of kids who listen to / emulate the tard in question.
I'm so glad that pop-tard Paris Hilton has dropped off the map. Now, if only we could do something about that Bieber kid...
by alfalfa31 July 23, 2010
1. Someone who can't eat poptarts

2. Someone who's acting like an idiot, but in a funny way.
Person 1: This poptart wont fit into my mouth!
Person 2: Poptard!

Person 1:Derp A Derp!
Person 2: Poptard!
by LOLmonkey February 03, 2008
Short form of "poopentart", literally a sweet pastry shell covering a thin vein of monkey ca-ca
"Stop talking like a poopentart, BGIE!"
by Peej Maybe August 20, 2003

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