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a kinder, gentlier name for retard
my group is full of poptards
by only one miguel July 19, 2006
17 10
A human pop-tart. Dull, tasteless and full of shit. Frequently used to describe twats like that cunt Darius from Fame Academy.
Shut it BGiE, ya poptard!
by jiro August 14, 2003
44 18
When a retarded virgin looses her cherry it is called a "pop-tard"
by f4 July 31, 2003
35 18
A fanatical lover of pop style music.
"Go listen to Britney Spears you poptard!"
by Codeh May 21, 2006
20 9
Wildly influential pop celebrity with absolutely no intelligence. This is usually from the perspective of the parents of kids who listen to / emulate the tard in question.
I'm so glad that pop-tard Paris Hilton has dropped off the map. Now, if only we could do something about that Bieber kid...
by alfalfa31 July 23, 2010
6 1
1. Someone who can't eat poptarts

2. Someone who's acting like an idiot, but in a funny way.
Person 1: This poptart wont fit into my mouth!
Person 2: Poptard!

Person 1:Derp A Derp!
Person 2: Poptard!
by LOLmonkey February 03, 2008
4 2
Short form of "poopentart", literally a sweet pastry shell covering a thin vein of monkey ca-ca
"Stop talking like a poopentart, BGIE!"
by Peej Maybe August 20, 2003
8 6