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british term for bullshit
Take a step outside the city
And turn around
Take a look at what you are
It is revolting
You're really nowhere
So wasteful
So foolish
-Nirvana, "Turnaround"
by kelsey March 28, 2004
Is simply enough, a blowjob given while eating pop-rocks.
Dick: Jane, I want a poppycocks.

Jane: Mkay.. ::opens bag of pop rocks and pours into mouth.

Dick: awesome.
by Boredy Bored Bored June 20, 2010
1. The word used by anyone born before 1925, when they miraculously hear what you are saying, and don't believe what they hear.

2. The shrivelled penis one develops after smoking too much opium*.

*source needed
1. What's that you say, sonny? You watch movies on your telephone?? Poppycock!

2. After binge-ing on opium for days, Johnny went to urinate only to find his Johnsonville Brat to be tiny and aardvark-like.
by Leroy Brown 420 February 05, 2009
A sex move in which the cock is threaded through as many poppyseed bagels as possible. The bagels are then eaten off enthusiastically by another person.
They're having a special on bagels, it's the perfect time for a poppy cock.
The poppy cock is the new missionary in the jewish community.
by CocksAndHope November 18, 2014
Pops corn cereal stuck onto a dick. Usually then eaten off of the dick.
She ate all the pops right off of my dick. It was pure poppycock.
by bpride March 13, 2010
something stewie wrote on the wall in an episode of family guy
look! im writing profanity on the wall!
by hash is brown November 13, 2003
A kind of erection you get when snorting or popping muscle relaxants or painkillers, described as numb and unforgiving
"I had an intense case of poppycock last night after i blew those ocs"
by Madrox420 January 04, 2010
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