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1. Blanket words describing the downfall of modern music.
2. Opportunities that are given to artists not necessarily gifted nor talented. Eg: Pop rock, Emo, Hip Hop, Boy bands.
American Idol is giving popportunity to so called 'artists' who would normally be relegated to coffee shops.
by Sizzor April 02, 2008
6 2
The opportunity of the coolness of dads.
Friend 1: Hey your dad is really cool!

Friend 2: That my dear is called popportunity.
by To Fresh January 29, 2012
0 0
the opportunity to fuck a virgin
"dude i was chillin with vanessa last nite and i totaly got the popportunity"
"oh yea? did u hit that shit"
"helzz yea son"
by jayla May 10, 2007
5 6
perfect opportunity to knock someone the FUCK ouT!
yo that was the perfect popportunity to kick his ass!
by HiM October 12, 2003
6 9