a hip-hop dance moved often used in clubs when a woman (or a man....) pops their chest out, then pops their hips out.
Damn girl! Look at that poppin'!
by Maggie Holler July 31, 2005
Said of something (or someone) that is great, that everyone appreciates.
Defines the thing of the moment. Referes to something that is highly in fashion, but it might not last.
"This song is poppin'!"
"Man, Kanye West is so poppin' right now"
by *Vio* November 16, 2007
You would describe a noun as "poppin'" if you found it particularly cool, amusing or sexual.
Erica: Your lipgloss ROCKS! Where'd ya get it?
Arina: Sears. Isn't it poppin'?
by Ericaw November 13, 2007
The new term for facebook chattin' as their sound is a readily available pop
who are you poppin' with this time? your cute math professor?
by Coolstine May 13, 2008
To go out and take ecstacy for a night.
Australian and New Zealand slang.
"Yo' wanna go out poppin' tonight?"
by diego September 11, 2003
1) A way to say "what's up?"
What's poppin?

2) A way to suggest taking pills.
Poppin pills.

3) An act preformed by a female that describes trying to get free drinks with as little interaction as possible with the target and once the drink is in hand, leaving w/o further explaination.

Derrived from the acronym "Power Of Pussy"
Basically it's considered poppin to get a man's attention til he buys you a drink and then you walk away!
Me and my girls are gonna have to be poppin them drinks tonight, we're all broke as hell.

Yeah, I popped a drink or two, what's wrong with that?

We're going to have to start poppin, the drink special ended and I'm low on cash.
by Dicesha July 08, 2009
To explode, To Pop, To Eat A Turd.
"Look at those baloons Poppin'!"
"Mmmmm...Lets Pop That Turd!"
by Snorfeh April 10, 2005

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