adj. Looking good, cool

Used to mean 'what's happening'.
New Meaning: Man those shoes n' shirt look poppin.
Old Meaning: Yo, what's poppin?
by lambdaradiation February 27, 2014
A dance where you but your hands on your knees and move your back in and out to make your ass move up and down
um...well i cant exactly show you now can i? go ask someone....
by Catherine July 09, 2004
a way to describe something that is fabulous, amazing, or just plain perfect. A poppin' thing is something that excites a person so much, that there imagination...POPS!
Cindy- hey suzie, do you know about the Fibonacci Sequence ?

Suzie- yeah cindy, it's just POPPIN' !

Will- Hey jojo, making out with you was just poppin' !
by Jo.D July 10, 2008
The new term for facebook chattin' as their sound is a readily available pop
who are you poppin' with this time? your cute math professor?
by Coolstine May 13, 2008
a hip-hop dance moved often used in clubs when a woman (or a man....) pops their chest out, then pops their hips out.
Damn girl! Look at that poppin'!
by Maggie Holler July 31, 2005
wuss going on, wuss the happs, wuss up ect...
1. wuss up loc wuss poppin'
2. we gunna get this party poppin' whatevea
"does not mean dlood and craccin' dont mean crip"
by lil lefty August 11, 2006
A very exciting event (usually crowded with lots of people).
The club was poppin' last night.
by Deena Brown February 08, 2006

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