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a small like easily concealed handgun, examples like a .38, glock 23, Kahr MK40, Kel-Tec P32, or a Kimber 1911 Compact

originated in Detroit, mi and Orlando, fl
by David Rhinehart
mane some fuck ass nigga tried my lady at the club so i pulled my poppa n murked his pussy ass
by a dred head nigga 313 March 08, 2009
22 18
Daddy, dad
From notorious B.I.G: "I love it when you call me Big Pop-pa"

"Who´s your daddy?" -> "Who´s your Poppa?"
by Wizzle-Playa January 04, 2004
78 18
weed + tobacs.. a small cut off a smoke is put in a metal tube same diameter as a cigerette, packed with weed ontop then put in the shaft of your bong.. if packed correctly at the end of your hit it should pop giving you a big head fuck(head rush)
i couldnt walk straight after that poppa, it mangled me
by $tankie October 07, 2008
9 19
Referring to the area of the neck under the chin.
Let me see yo poppa Mr. Flannigan
by BlAziNgPooK March 09, 2008
9 23
often referred to as an 'emily' or 'emilio'.
usually a person of hardstyle nature who tends to shuffle prefusely to the sounds of showtek.
jacinta: poppaaa kent!
poppa: hara bek teez!
by jazziiandthecondomkids. September 11, 2008
6 26
Fake or to not fit in.
Yo, that guy just don't fit in, he be a poppa dogg!
by Turbo1 April 28, 2005
6 46