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The greatest light show from a mascarade of sychronized moving lights
Whoa dude check out that showtek! It's got me tripping balls!
by Dtn241 February 01, 2014
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Showtek is a Dutch electronic music duo formed by brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen. From 2003 to 2012 they were involved in the hardstyle scene, making two albums - Today is Tomorrow (2007) and Analogue Players in a Digital World (2009) - and headlining major hardstyle events such as Defqon1. Nowadays they concentrate on making house/EDM tracks like "Bad" (with David Guetta) and "Booyah".
Guy 1: "Hey, d'ya hear that new Showtek track that came out yesterday?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, it's pretty cool. Still miss their hardstyle days though."

Guy 1: "Mmm."
by Crafthead October 15, 2015
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