(v) To pope. The attacking of a person due to their wearing of an unusual hat. A criminal offence, it is one of many different hat crimes.
"The lady wearing propeller beanie was poped by a large mob."

"The pontiff was poped to the ground by an angry woman in 2009."
by XPMB December 27, 2009
Mexican slang for a serious wedgie
Damn her pants must stink cause that's some serious pope.
by ericat78 April 21, 2010
Being super dope, or chill.
Dude Anthony is so pope with his american eagle shirt.
by BK SWAG November 10, 2012
A great clan with an amazing leader commanding the clan is open right now for any new recruits. PoPE clan is pronounced with a popping "PE" at the end. The clan poPE pays Advanced Warfare. Before joining the poPE clan you must sing the poPE song.
poPe poPe poPe poPe poPe poPe poPe
by poPE Clan May 31, 2015
A person of the male species who cannot get laid, regardless of consistent effort.
Sean is getting rejected by that girl. Typical pope.
by Eyesackhurr February 12, 2014
Used now as an adjective rather than a noun. Used almost in place of radical or so amazingly intense no other word can describe it.
That party was so pope last night.
by danni1994 November 10, 2011
often referring to the leader of the catholic church, the pope might also be the world's oldest virgin or possibly hold the record for the world's oldest driest streak.
for example: c'mon fuck that broad don' t be like a pope.
by negprop February 06, 2010
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