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Pope on a rope is a Swedish delicacy. It is a chocolate coated cookie Pope dangled on a hemp rope. Some protestants blindfold their children before hitting them over the head with it repeatedly until they eat it. This is often considered a rite of passage and is often a beautiful ceremony with sacrificial ducks.
It has also evolved into a slang term for illicit stimulants or hallucinogens. I mean DRUGS.
Goshdarnit, Lars! eat your POPE ON A ROPE before the sacrificial torch has burned out. I feel it is necessary to add here that although this ceremony does take place in many areas of the world, not everyone finds beauty and virtue in this ceremony. and there are some who even go so far as to decide that all "pope on a rope" ceremonies should be banned. I think this is a travesty, people should be allowed to eat small cookies of religious figures that they dislike.
by Sillat Eroom January 01, 2006
A Pope that has or is in the process of being martyred by means of hanging by the neck with a noosed rope. Compare Christ on a stick.
Back in the first few centuries of Papacy many times you saw a pope on a rope.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood March 21, 2007
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