commonly mistaken for being a shortened version of 'popular music', pop music is a term that applies to songs which use a pretty formulaic verse chorus bridge, verse chorus as the standard.. a rock n' roll song that hits it bigtime is still a rock song.. popular country tunes are still country tunes.. hip hop be hip hop. due to mass-corruption on many levels of humanity, pop's name has been spoiled--forever linked to (but not limited to) the latest top40 geared studio manufactured product pusher of the month.
fella #1: "did you watch conan last night?"
duder #2: "nah, too busy watchin'the music video station."
fella #1: "those music video's are nothing more than 3 1/2 minute commercials, played over and over until we know the words, associate that with liking it and buy the album."
duder #2: *singing latest madonna song in his head* "huh? whah? sorry, i wasn't listening."
fella #1: "record companys decide and let the music channels and radio stations know what the next hit single shall be. they can afford to do that sorta thing."
duder #2: "but kelly clarkson totally rocks!"
fella #1: "wrong. she will be gone shortly and forever erased from our memories."
duder #2: "who was on conan?"
fella #1: "broken social scene.. amazing band, proving that the pop music has room for growth, depth, and talent."
duder #2: "you gonna eat that?"
fella #1: "ugh.. take it." *hands over his sandwich*
by the-rich February 27, 2006
The shittiest genre of music ever. Pop usually features talentless losers who rely on audio editing and autotune to sound half decent. For some reason, pop is extremely popular among American teens instead of real music, like rock.
Average American Teen: "Did you hear that new Bruno Mars song? It's pretty epic, no?"

Guy Who Appreciates Real Music: "Fuck no dude, Bruno Mars sucks, just like all pop music. Now excuse me while I listen to some REAL music."
by Greenzorz April 25, 2011
misleading term in that it is not actually music. It is mearly the veicle derrived by the media to direct public opinion. "pop bands" such as Mcfly, Girls aloud, or the Faders have no control therefore over their shelf life.
Shame sum bands are around far too long
by bob March 28, 2005
A combination of bad lyrics, talentless singers and retarded screaming little girls. Also known as the sound a bear makes while having explosive diarrhea.
OMG ITS JUSTIN BIEBER OMG. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!! - Retarded 12 year old girl listening to pop music
by Darthgar December 25, 2011
Pop Idol"bone idol" , Fame Academy "Shame Academy" and fucking American idol... Shame on this world for this!!!

Townies Fucking Suck LoL
Fucking Pop Music will be the end of this Doomed World Fucking Armys of Manufactured bands thanks to Crap TV Shows like Pop Idol, Fame Academy and fucking American idol... shame on the world copying this shit culture! Im proud to give pop music the finger and say Fuckyou you Towni Fucks!!! lol
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004
1. Music without meaning and/or substance.
2. Music that is made just because it is catchy and/or "dancable"
3. Music that is upbeat and/or light and is rarely good.
Pop music artists include:
Justin Bieber.
Miley Cyrus.
Lil Wayne (pop-rap).
Green Day (pop-punk)
Jonas Brothers.
Good Pop artists:
My Chemical Romance (pop-punk)
by Yale L. June 20, 2010
good charlotte, simple plan, avril lavigne, blink 182, yellowcard and all those other sucky bands are now "pop music" in the 90's it was Britney, NSYNC and backstreet boys. Yes, good charlotte is today's NSYNC
Me: What type of music do you like
Person: Umm....good charlotte, yellowcard, taking back sunday
Me: Ew, stop listening to that sucky pop music and put in some Leftover Crack
by ARGH August 15, 2004
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