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Otherwise known as ecstasy. A term often used in rap music.
Person 1: You tryna pop a molly at the rave tonight brah?

Person 2: I can't! I have a midterm tomorrow
by Loser430 August 16, 2013
Take a tab of ecstasy
Miley Cyrus likes to pop a Molly before going out and dancing her face off.
by TarynUpMyHeartx August 16, 2013
To take mdma recreationally

Molly = Mdma/E
Mandy is the british saying. And it isn't said as enthusiastically.
"Dude, pop a molly"
"I popped a molly! I'm rolling like hell!"
"I'm at a proper rave and I just dropped mandy"
by tescoed August 16, 2013
To orally ingest MDMA although "molly" the slang for PURE MDMA is now used to call anything in a capsule that some random will sell you at a club for ten bucks
Yo get dem mollies, pop a molly get hype, get hype, ect.
by SWAN August 16, 2013
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