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A computerized mechanisim allowing a person to open their trunk without a key and to be able to ride with it as high or low as possible
"Pop trunk and bang as I grip woodgrain
by Tre Jacobs May 06, 2003
a switch in your car that controls the trunk after it is unlocked and if you move the switch up and down the trunk goes up and down if you move the swithch up and down fast the trunk will do the same thing and in the trunk you can have subwoofers t.v's amps and a custom neon light sign that you can get cutsom made at a neon light place the sign can say anything you want curse words, represent hoodz, clicks or a message or slang
pop trunk on them boyz show them my neon lights
a switch that takes controls of the trunk when the trunk is unlocked if you move the switch up and down the trunk will go up and down if you move the switch up the trunk will be raised up and in the trunk thereare subwoofers amps hydraulic pumps t.v's etc. and on the door of the trunk there is a custom neon light sign (whatever you want the sign to say call a neon light place to get your sign made).
Pop trunk on them boyz show em my neon lights.
pop trunk on someone means grab a gun from the trunk and cap they ass with it. just like homie said above. this is urban dictionary so none of those other lameass answers. its to pop trunk on someone, u gona grab a gun out the trunk and light that ass up - Mistaglock
taken from the song youngbloodz = damn sean pauls rhyme

Bitch I'm fo sho wit it, don't make me pop that trunk to the 'Lac
Bitch I will go get it, and I ain't selfish I will let you and your hoe feel it

(lol it wouldnt let me post it cuz it dont say "pop trunk" in that order. but ya)
by Mistaglock December 14, 2007
it means take a shit. you pop trunk when you have to imminently poop. so when these gangstas are threatening to "pop trunk on yo azz" or whatever, just laugh, because they think it's something hard-ass
Who the hell would break in through a window just to pop trunk on my oriental rug?
by drb0mb2 July 19, 2008
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