Pop a squat simply means to sit down on any sort of seat. Often used by old people.
Hey, pop a squat over here.
by BurdenInHand December 30, 2014
to use the bathroom outdoors.
Girl: Oh, shit I've got to popasquat, I'm not gonna make it inside.
by Guin0802 May 29, 2009
1. The art of popping a squat.

2. An action taken to rid yourself of feeces.(usually contains unpleasant odor)

3. Name given to the Pink Panther's shoes
1. I bet you I can popasquat!

2. Gee, I'd hate to be passing the bathroom after Maria poppedasquat!

3. Yo man you best aint be touchin them popasquats or them be losin they shine, yo
A bastardization of "cop a squat," to sit down.
Vivian: Well, I'm gonna give, um—you'll buy a snap dog; we'll cop a squat under a tree somewhere.

Edward: Cop a what?

Vivian: Cop a squat.

This is from "Pretty Woman." Notice it's cop, not pop a squat.
by Jame Gumb November 12, 2007
Another term for taking a seat on something, such as a stool, chair, toilet. It can also be used when describing a huge dump that has just been taken.
"Why don't you pop a squat right here so we can talk?"

"Dang, I just popped a squat on the can, don't step in there for a year!"
by Joshie G. May 07, 2010
To sit down, usually used by kids.
Yo sup, pop a squat and have a burger.

Principal: You are being unimaginably badly-behaved.
Me: Pop a squat in yo office and get off my back, foo.
by Alex Nichols May 29, 2005
A speed squeeze. A.K.A. taking a huge slam on the crapper. Its the slam dunk of doo-doo world.
Dude, I have to pop a squat, or I think I might explode!
by Walker Watson July 21, 2006
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