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A fart or poot.
Jarrod's pootsie smells really bad!

Max just pootsied.

Tyler- who pootsied
Maz- i think jarrod did

Jarrod- hahaha i pootsied!
by wolverine_123 April 09, 2009
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Cute name for someone who is always busy and industrious.
Likeable person who studies hard and is very smart.
That boy is such a Pootsie. He is always studying and that Pootsie will go far.
Hey Pootsie, lets stop for a break.
Pootsie, how did you do that?
by Palacekid February 25, 2008
To smell bad
That is pootsie
by sb123 March 08, 2009
1. One, male or female, whom is in a state of being grumpy, uncool, or just plain mean.

1. A word used to describe anothers state of being grumpy, uncool, or just plain mean.

Usage: The word "pootsie" is better if used without an article (a, an, or the) if being used in the adjective form; It is just simply "pootsie." It is better to never, if possible, use an article before the word to add emphasis and funniness.
Noun: Pootsie's aren't any fun.

Adverb: Dude, why are you being pootsie?
by Hunter Martin December 14, 2005

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