Another word or nickname for PUSSY duh
Beyonces pussy
by Meredith April 22, 2004
Top Definition
Poosie(Poo-see) comes from the word pussy, vagina, twat, cunt, cooter, ect ect. The differnce is that Poosie is a really nice pussy.
I roxxed her poosie.
by Syntek March 17, 2005
A company has taken the word Pussy and used it as a catchy ad phrase for a energy drink named SumPoosie.

This can be found at
Hey you want SumPoosie?

It gives you more energy than RedBull.
by Ike November 16, 2004
a silent fart that smells really bad; a vagina
Bill let out a stank poosie
by da ma October 03, 2003

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