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The fear that poor people have that everyone is out to get what little money they have. Victims of pooranoia believe that anything that costs them any money only exists to cost them money. Pooranoia is the reason that people get upset that the included breakfast at your hotel only applies to weekdays.
**Rob is a victim of pooranoia**
Rob: Dude I knew it. This is bullshit.
Mike: What's wrong?
Rob: The sale at the store ended JUST as I walked in!
Mike: Well.. yeah. It says on the door "sale ends at 5:00 pm."
Rob: No that's bullshit they just want ME to pay more.
Mike: Stop being so pooranoid.
by 12we34rtda July 11, 2011
The sometimes unshakable feeling that despite wiping or showering you still have some poo on your anus and/or underwear.
Thanks to that mexican lunch I was left feeling pooranoia for the rest of the evening.
by moocheroo78 September 18, 2010
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