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The act of simultaneously defecating while masturbating.
Jordan: "Where's Matt?"
Andrew: "He went to pooperbate."
Jordan: "Impressive, I didn't know he was a good at multitasking."
by JAMS2010 May 29, 2010
While taking a shit, you look at porn on your ipod touch or iphone and jerk off
I went to pooperbate because i had to take a massive shit.
by jamal 123 February 24, 2009
v. when you jerk off while on the toilet, then proceeding to shit after.
Steve went to Frisch's bathroom and pooperbated.
by dragyn611 April 15, 2008
Jacking off a shit that is half way out your ass
Dom: I'm Dark

Jake: Kind of like the shit I took today.

Leo: Did you pooperbate it?
by JChez11 August 03, 2011
Verb. Pooperbated, pooperbates, pooperbating

Pooperbating, very similar to masturbating, is one of two things.

1) Sexual self-gratification while pooping, whether be in the toilet or on your partner.

2) Sexual self-gratification with the aid of fecal matter; either your own or anothers (human or animal).
"Man, my poop smelled so bad this morning I couldn't help but pooperbate with it."
by Chad and Jamen September 11, 2008
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