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The song that goes like this:

Ooooohhhhhhh poop
Ooooohhhhhhh poop
Ooooohhhhhhh poop bucket

Verse #1:
If you hate somebody
You can call them
Call them, call them, call them
Oh if you hate someone you can caaalllll them
A poop bucket.

You can use me,

if you hate somebody.
Call them a poo
Call them a poo
Oh you can call them a poop bucket.

Verse #3:
If you can't swear
You can call them

A very bad word
It's a poop bucket!

Verse #4:
You could call them a douche
Give them a smootch
Steal their tooth
But in truth
we all know they are nothing but a

The church choir sang the song Poop Bucket and it moved me to tears.
by thepersoneverybodywantstobe November 24, 2011
a person who possesses such a contrite and obnoxious and/or mean personality that they have the face value of a bucket of cow shit.
You won't give me your car? Wow, you're a poopbucket!
by Irene the Queen March 27, 2005
A child or group of children who bahave badly. Also used as substitute for a name.
Peson #1: This child pisses me off so much
Person #2: They are a poop bucket!


Person #1: These are all poop buckets!

*If you are very angry, you can substitute poop for shit.
by Ihaveawordforyou...poopbucket November 24, 2011
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