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The native word for being fucked
poonch, poonched
native 1: eh there boy i poonched that chick last
native 2: whatttt weenuk...
by nativeboyjames January 14, 2009
Poonch, Poonched, Pooncher, Poonches =

To severely screw something up, to break or ruin something.

(Pooncharelli = someone that allways Poonches it)

Eastpoint Mi - Papa Liver Bros.
Blowing water thru the Bong , ... Dude You Fuckin Poonched us
by Krane Phuture September 28, 2004
When u punch a girl in the poon
"Hey stop Poon-ching me
by Daniel English October 20, 2008
1. (noun) The opposite of Panch.
2. (noun) A floopy mass on one's belly, sometimes accompanied by a small patch bellybutton hairs.
3. (verb) To possess a poonch.
4. (adj.) (~y/~in') To appear in the possession of a poonch.
"Oh no! The poonch is so smelly today!"

"I'm poonchin' so hard right now!"

"Ohh, he's so poonchy!"
by Tyler Dobshinsky August 25, 2008
Short, cropped haircut most commonly seen on emo kids and guys in death metal bands; like oliver sykes
Have you seen Oliver Sykes' poonch, it's so gnarly!
by gemorb March 24, 2010
A poonch is an adjective to describe lynn
lynn is stupid and is a poonch
by johnson boy February 01, 2007
When a female slides her torso down while receiving oral sex and her vagina collides with the male's face. Similar to being punched with a vagina.
While I was licking my girl's snatch last night, she arched her back while she was cumming and hit me right in the face! The bitch poonched me!
by Ian Case August 04, 2006
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