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The word used by us neechies
means small penis
native 1: eh there boy i fucked your mom
native 2: with that weenuk of yours
by rezboyjames January 14, 2009
The word weenuk is a First Nation word that means penis.
It is used to both make fun of and also in a literal sense.
Dude, you're a weenuk.
I have a weenuk.
by Angelicus June 19, 2008
Wee in the word means little and nuk means dick or penis; Made up by natives in canada as one of there slangs; WEE-NUK-a little dick
You have wee nuk bawh
by Luke Boschman October 25, 2006
native american slang either used as hello, goodbye, or bullshit
"weenuk rob!"

"i had sex with your mom"
by dome. December 03, 2006
Wee-nuk: inuit greeting, meaning "hello" or "goodbye"
"Weenuk Brad, hope you are having a good day"
by plude December 29, 2004
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