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hey amy, do you have a super sized poonbag I can get off you? It's a heavy flow day
by shawna donkey July 26, 2003
1. one who is lame ("bloody cunthead").
2. one who is severely lacking motivation.
3. "Duncan is not leaving his house because he is a poonbag."
by McStavros Poonshow June 07, 2005
When a woman changes and discards her blood soaked tampon or pad in a public restroom which lacks trash bins, preferably in a park, a bathroom facility on a beach, or porta potty, where the filthy pad or tampon is first mummified; wrapped tight in toilet paper almost symmetrically into a square shaped mini diaper and then abandoned on the floor of the woman's restroom for a janitor or maintenance worker to pick up with a litter picker stick.
Brian: Yo John come quick! I just finished cleaning the women's bathroom and you gotta see this massive blood dripping poon bag that i just popped with my litter picker that was left on the floor of one of the stalls. Its absolutely fucking horrid! Mad skankasaurous rexs' here.

John: Ew yo why can't they ever throw them shits out for real! They really know how to make it nasty up in that bitch. Damn them dirty animals...
by bconti3092 July 26, 2012
A name given to an individual that is acting very poonish.
Is Missy on her period cuz she's acting like a real poon bag!
by Mitch Carter October 16, 2008
A hastling person whom never keeps quiet. This person is often made fun of and criticized for his or her ways
Stephen Abraham is the biggest poonbag i know
by QLN May 20, 2008
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