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a shaved vagina
I just love girls with poomers!
by Anonymous February 08, 2003
21 13

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Poomer: Poo Humour.
Humour based around pooing and farting.
Someone who finds pooing and farting hilarious or even just amusing.
Emily: I'm looking for someone with a G.S.O.P.
Alex: I too enjoy people with a Good Sense of Poomer.
by Zefstar December 04, 2013
3 1
Someone who "pooms". Poom = Fart
You stink, you're a poomer
by anon February 28, 2004
7 10
all-you-can-eat pussy
Oh man, I could really go for some poomer right about now.
by Anonymous February 07, 2003
2 16