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1. A funnier and better way of describing a food or drug laxative that helps you to poo.

2. Slang and/or short form for laxative.

3. A popular personality from the online PC video game Counter-Strike. His heyday was mainly in Counter-Strike version 1.5 around the year 2001 (specifically on a server called "Thunderdome" which was a Warcraft 3 MOD server) Although he was most prevalent in version 1.5, poolax has been frequenting Counter-Strike servers from version 1.2 through present-day Counter-Strike: Source. His other popular alias was "Oprah" from the infamous "|FAT|" clan. Poolax also had a famous counterpart, "chode", who accompanied poolax at the top of the thunderdome ranks, and in the |FAT| clan, where he was referred to as "Rita McNeil".
14 year old CS geek: "Oh my god, what the hell, poolax just knifed me from behind, he's so leet."

45 year old CS geek: "What the hell, he keeps killing 4 of us at a time with his stupid suicide bombing technique, I'm totally getting him banned... and why is he always talking about poo?"
by Cody Murray August 22, 2005
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