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Turbulent, utter mayhem; a state of violent confusion or commotion.
The Department of Motor Vehicles is thunderdome.
by McFunley October 13, 2004
That bad-ass cage where Mel Gibson faught Master Blaster with the chainsaw and bungee cords and there where all kinds of drunken Aussies yelling, "Two men enter, One man leaves." Then big Mel(Madd Max) totally thrashes that giant ogre and then that little midget weeps cuz the ogre was his friend and I laughed at the midget and then they play this primitive game of Wheel of Fortune and Mel gets sent into the destert and he meets these Lord of the Flies kids who wanna fly on this delapidated 747 and theres quick sand and boomerangs and all kinds of shoulderpads with spikes and nitrous powered dune buggies....its awesome. I think I confused a couple different movies but who gives a damn, right? Thunderdome man, you know with that crazy black bitch pop star...kinda like Conan the Destroyer where that crazy black bitch with the huge stick wails on Walt Chamberalain...but that is a different story.
We shall have a bungee cord chainsaw deathmatch in the Thunderdome my friend!

A kick-ass song on Primal Fear's self titled album.
by Sky Puncher August 17, 2006
The greatest way to settle a dispute in the world. It has been popularized by many Ivy League fraternities to settle any moments of conflict. As two people dispute, they will challenge each other to "a thunderdome". This occurs when a spectator takes a trash can(places it in between the contestants to be throw up into), fills as many solo cups as possible with beer, and plays the song "final countdown on repeat". The goal is to settle the dispute by drinking as many as the beers in the solo cups as you can until you throw up. The first person to throws up loses, and foam does not count.
John calls steve a fag.
They settle the issue by having a thunderdome.
by 12fg3 September 22, 2008
an arena where you go instead of court to settle your issues
forget the divorce lawyer just take your significant other and battle it out in the thunderdome. the looser gets the dog
by JenniBabii November 21, 2006
Felatio so good it rocks your world.
I saw Beckie last night and got some serious thunderdome. Best blowjob I've ever had.
by Tomester June 09, 2015
The act of two women being banged from behind face to face, while the two men reach over the top of the women creating a dome shape. Usually occurs after heavy drinking, and or cocain use.
"did you hear they all had a four-some last night"
"yeah those bitches straight got thunder domed!!!"
by big bad chuck April 07, 2010
Where the most intense roller hockey games on the planet take place. Where its water bottle hunting season for 5 months straight. And all the cheerleaders are 300 + lbs and all wear skimpy outfits. Where the great Javi-bhulin once played goalie and his mylec pads still swing from the rafters till this day. Some say the Niles , Thunderdome Arena is responsible for global warming.
I'm going water bottle hunting at the Thunderdome today

Its time to "Dome" it up

We fear change!

I got grimed out at the Thunderdome

Choders are grazin' at the done
by ThunderChode 19 February 04, 2010
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