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When you get with a girl and engage in sexual contact and right when you cum she poofs and disappears from the face of the earth. Orignated in the northwest area.

Used mostly with somewhat attractive girls or girls that you want to get with and never see night stand
"Damn bra, look at that breezy over there!"
"Ah she alright, definetly a "poofer"."

"Yo mcgash, squints, look at that girl with the fatty over there"
"Damn bra, shes like a 7. Hella poofer"
by Mcgash, Squints, Midget November 19, 2007
94 58
slang term for a gay man, i.e. queen
For God's sake, I'm gay but I don't wear make-up and a boa like that poofer over there.
by derek April 24, 2004
106 99
A device created with piping to blow a poof of fire. When created and built correctly, they will create a sudden ball of fire. The device uses a bottle of propane, piped into an expansion tank. From the expansion tank you pipe to a valve. After the valve you have an ignition source.
Popularly used at Burning Man.
Damn, that poofer blows out a HHUUUGEE fireball!
by Lightplumes February 14, 2011
4 17
When a vagina is so big that the only noise made during sex is the poooooofff. Sometimes just the slip of a finger might turn into a whole hand, arm, leg and even head..
Man that girl was so hot untill we started to get it on and i fell in, she had a real poofer
by jibjab25 January 24, 2011
7 28
a cigarette...word popularized by two ice rink workers in dublin, ca
"lemme get a box of dem poofer, man"
by c-money, sasquatch August 06, 2008
3 32
One who is to prone to buffing and dusting their desk like a stoopid fooker!
by Genius October 31, 2003
3 33